10 Top Food Names For Dogs

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PetMD Editorial
Published: May 25, 2017

By Andrew Daniels

Every pooch has a unique personality, so when you’re coming up with puppy names, you should pick something special. After all, your new furry friend is an important part of your family. “We call this phenomenon anthropomorphism, where we give human characteristics to pets,” says Frank Nuessel, Ph.D., a linguistics professor at the University of Louisville and editor of NAMES: A Journal of Onomastics. “So that’s part of how dogs gain human-given names.”

Ah, but when’s the last time you met a human named “Bacon?” These days, some of the trendiest names for dogs have to do with food, which makes sense to Nuessel. “It’s possible we associate food with dogs more than cats, because they’re always begging for food—going up to the table to look for it and waiting around for leftovers,” he says.

We may also give our pups food-based names because they’re more fun-loving and playful than many other pets, and “Noodle” is certainly sillier—and more appropriate—for a happy-go-lucky dog than, say, “Fred.” (Nothing against any Freds who may be reading this, though!)

So if you need some good dog name ideas, try one of these fun, food-based puppy names. Warning: You might get hungry while reading.


If you can’t go a week without having a Spicy Tuna or California roll, here’s the name for you. We think it’s perfect for a Japanese dog breed like an Akita or a Shiba Inu.


There’s already a famous mutt with this moniker—that would be the pup from the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Doug.


Honor your Chihuahua’s Mexican heritage with this appropriate name. Or if you’re really brand-loyal, how about Chipotle?


If you live in a tropical setting, name your best pal after this sweet treat. Because that’s what he is, after all.


This name is perfect for a pudgier pup, like a bulldog. Bonus points if you’re super into Bat Out of Hell.


If you haven’t touched a carb since 2008 and your doggie was on a veggie diet since the day you adopted him, we can’t think of a better name than this one.


Face it: Your little guy is more than a bit nutty. (And that’s why you love him.) Name him after this nut, because your next-door neighbor already claimed “Cashew.”


Because once you name your dog after the signature breakfast from McDonald’s, he’s automatically guaranteed to be 10 percent cuter. See also: McNugget, McFlurry, Mcgriddle, and Big Mac.


If you have a German breed like a Dachshund, Doberman, or Schnauzer, try this meat-themed name on for size. More of a beer fan? Try something like “Dunkel” or “Doppelbock.”


Here’s a great name if you’re Italian and your pooch shares your love of food and family. Practically any pasta will do, but “Acini de Pepe” might be a bit of a mouthful.