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Abnormal Beak and Skull Growth in Reptiles
Beak Overgrowth in Turtles and TortoisesTurtles and tortoises do not have teeth, but instead grab and chew their food using the sharp edges of their beaks. If an animal’s beak becomes overgrown or does not wear properly, it may have difficulty eating. SymptomsSigns of abnormal beak growth include: Overgrown upper beakUpper and lower beaks that do not meet evenlyDifficulty grabbing, chewing...
Adenovirus Infection in Reptiles
Many different types of viruses can cause disease in reptiles, but the adenovirus is of particular concern to owners of bearded dragons. Other reptiles, including some snake and lizard species, can also be infected, but young bearded dragons are the most susceptible. Symptoms and TypesTypical symptoms of adenovirus infection include: Weight lossDiarrheaWeaknessDepressionUnfortunately, some...