Natural Center Common Questions

  • Is herbal medicine ineffective for pets?

    Herbal remedies are a valuable tool in both preventing and treating the issues that plague many of today’s pets.
  • Is it difficult to give pets supplements?

    No! Many supplements come in powders, tasty chewables, or even treats – and pill pockets can work wonders.
  • Does Vitamin E need to be added to fish oil supplements to help with absorption?

    No! Vitamin E is not required for absorption of fats. It's use in fish oil is primarily as a preservative.
  • Do natural flea control products work?

    Just because many natural flea control products don't have to go through EPA-mandated tests because they aren't classified as pesticides, doesn't mean that they don't work. People all over the country use the natural approach to flea control effectively, and although it is not always as easy as using chemicals, you can rest assured that the products are safe for your pet and your family.