How to Calm Down a Cat: 5 Herbs for Cat Stress Relief

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My cat-parent friends and I have a long-running joke that once the humans have left the house, Fluffy breaks out the kitty beers. Maybe an indirect reason for hops as the main ingredient of lager is its calming effects. But don’t soothe your feline’s nerves by giving her a sip of ale; the dried flowers are more effective and better for her liver.


Bach Rescue Remedy


Humans have known the benefits of this flower essence combination in relieving stress and anxiety and, fortunately, it can also be used with cats (and dogs). Though technically not an herb, its reliable benefits bear a mention in any list of stress-reducing tactics. Perhaps the best feature of Bach Rescue Remedy is its immediate effectiveness. This formulation is great when you need to calm down your cat pronto. Be sure to purchase the alcohol-free version for Fluffy.