Top 10 Cat Breeds


#5 The Siamese. Don’t let the bad kitties in the film The Aristocats leave you with a bad image of this beauty. Yes, they can be verbally demanding in wanting attention (almost like a baby; in fact, its mews sound very much like the cry of a human baby), but it’s also a very affectionate, loving, and social cat. The Siamese can be sensitive and nervous, and is a creature of habit and routine. So if you're an international jet-setter that needs a cat that can travel, this is probably not the one for you. The Siamese comes in a number of colors, but the points -- the dark patches on the face, ears, paws and tail -- are integral to the breed.


#4 The Abyssinian. One of the oldest breeds of cat, the Abyssinian resembles an ancient Egyptian cat with its lithe build, large pointy ears, and slender legs. This is a willful, smart, and extroverted cat that loves to explore and play. Its love of games is only matched by its love of water, so watch out for unsolicited bath partners in the tub! Despite its curious nature, the Abyssinian is generally shy and timid around strangers. Although not completely antisocial, this breed is probably not the best choice for those looking to show the cat. The Aby is best suited in a comfortable, loving home.


#3 The Exotic Shorthair. This is the short-haired version of the Persian. With its squashed face and rounded ears, the Exotic Shorthair looks more like a cuddly teddy bear than a cat. And while having a similar temperament to its long-haired cousin, the Exotic is a bit more lively and inquisitive, but still very much laid back, serene, and calm. The Exotic Shorthair is a great choice for someone who wants a Persian, but doesn’t have the time or desire to devote to grooming.


#2 The Maine Coon. This beautiful cat is a native to Maine and also the largest of the domestic cat breeds. The Maine Coon takes three to four years to reach full physical maturity. It has very thick fur with a waterproof layer, large wide paws that act like snow shoes for walking easily across snow, and a long, thick tail used to wrap about its face during harsh weather. The Maine Coon is not only a popular breed because of its temperament, but it’s also a great mouser, is healthy and hardy, and is great with kids and other animal, including dogs.


#1 The Persian. Everyone knows the Persian cat. Renowned for its long, silky fur, expressive eyes, and squashed face, the Persian is also one of the oldest cat breeds. Calm and sweetly affectionate, this cat loves habit and serene environments. Do keep in mind that if you decide to get one, the Persian requires regular baths and daily grooming, as its fur is too long for it to self-groom thoroughly and it is prone to matting. For Persian fanciers, grooming is but one of the many pleasures of having the Persian as a companion. Persians are the quintessential indoor cats; it is best to keep this breed exclusively indoors.


So there you have the top 10 cat breeds. Of course, please don’t share any of this information with your cat. It probably thinks it is most special cat in the world and the only one worth talking about. But, isn’t that all of them?