Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Cats

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According to a recent petMD poll, 86 percent of readers said they would be buying a present for their pet for the holidays. Since your cat can’t speak up to tell you what it wants this year, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten gifts for cats. Happy holidays!

#10 Scratching Post

This one doubles as a gift for you. Your cat gets a fun new toy, and you get to keep your furniture intact. That sounds like a win-win to us.

#9 Ball of Yarn

Ah, the simple things in life. This gift will save you a pretty penny, but your cat will still get hours of entertainment from it. Plus, if your cat happens to be a genius, he can write you cute messages with the yarn. Just make sure you supervise your little one while he is playing with the yarn. Ingesting yarn or any other stringy non-food items can cause serious medical issues (e.g., esophageal or GI obstruction).

#8 Catnip

An obvious treat for cats, why not let your pet indulge in a little catnip this holiday season?


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#7 Toy Mice

Cats love chasing mice. This is just a fact that everyone knows, but who wants actual mice in their house? No one - no matter how happy that would make the cat. Hence, toy mice. You can get them filled with catnip, attached to a string or pole so you can pull them along, and there are even remote-controlled and battery-operated mice.


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#6 Feather Wand

Feather wands can be great fun for you and your cat. Dangle it over your cat’s head, whip it back and forth – your cat will have a ball, and playing together is a bonding experience for the two of you.


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#5 Laser Pointer

No one knows who first discovered that cats love laser pointers, but it does seem that for cats, every mundane life problem can be solved by you targeting that little red dot on the wall and letting them pounce away.

#4 Fling-a-string

Lots of cat toys involve you having to use them to get your cat to interact. Not the Fling-a-String. These electronic toys will whip a string around and around for your cat to pounce at, all on their own.

#3 Mobile

Yes, we’re talking about the same sort of mobile that you would hang above an infant’s crib. Not just for babies, the dangling objects on a mobile will provide easy entertainment for your cat as well.

#2 New Litter Box

This might seem like the human equivalent of getting underwear for Christmas, but your cat will appreciate it all the same. Think about it this way, would you turn down a renovated bathroom for Christmas?


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#1 Roomba

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Your cat thinks it’s a sweet new ride for him, but little does he know it’s cleaning your floor too.

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