Ten Reasons Why We're Thankful for Our Cats

PetMD Editorial
Updated: October 13, 2020
Published: November 20, 2012
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Giving Thanks for Our Cats!

By Wendy Toth

We know a few little pilgrims who love gnawing on turkey and taking a solid nap—our cats. We couldn’t resist listing all the reasons we’re thankful for them, even as they methodically rub against our ankles in the kitchen, waiting for a drop of gravy to fall.

#10 Cats Calm Us

Cats are so calming that having one reduces the risk of heart attack by 40 percent, according to a recent study from the Stroke Research Center at the University of Minnesota. Cats also reduce the risk of dying from other heart diseases and stroke by 30 percent.

#9 Cats Make Us Crack Up

Having a cat can be spectacular comic relief. Especially when said cat lets you dress her. And lets you know she hates it. But she loves you.

#8 Cats Remind Us that It’s the Little Things

A shoelace, cardboard box, or paper towel roll can change a cat’s entire day.

#7 Cats Catch Pests

There is nothing like seeing a bug, then — rather than getting scared, or yelling for your spouse — calling your cat to take care of it.

#6 Cats are Living Alarm Clocks

There’s nothing like waking up to a paw on your forehead. “Hey! It’s time for breakfast!”

#5 Cats Keep Us Humble

Cats are masters of the withering look. We live to serve.

#4 Cats are All About Balance

The cat motto is, “Cuddle, yes. Smother, no.” It’s helped us in every human relationship.

#3 Cats Inspire Us

There’s nothing like watching some graceful swats and pounces to be reminded of how much you need to go back to yoga.

#2 Cats Get Us Out of Jams

Dogs may be more portable, but cats wait at home, proud of their status as a built-in-excuse. “I have to run! Forgot to feed the cat!”

#1 Cats are Unconditional Love

Whether they’re purring on our laps, greeting us at the door, or keeping us company from room, to room... to room, our cats love us. And we’re so thankful.