Top Three Dog-Like Cat Breeds

When Dogs Just Aren't Allowed

Cats acting like dogs? It happens, and it most certainly does not mean the end is near. Oh, and by acting like dogs we do not mean barking (that would just be plain silly), but some breeds do have dog-like qualities. Here are three of our most favorite dog-like cat breeds.

#3 The Manx

Famous for being tailless, the Manx, in fact, is not always tailless! It is, however, known to be very affectionate and friendly. Many people call the Manx a "dog-cat” because it wants to be around people. It will even come when you whistle or call his or her name, and will actually respond to the command “no,” unlike other cats that simply sit there and stare.

#2 The Abyssinian

Another water-loving cat, this extremely loyal feline will play fetch and carry its favorite toys around in its mouth, just like a dog. And like dogs, the Abyssinian will follow their humans around, help out (whether you want it to or not), and respond to leash training, too. However, as with dogs, they need a lot of attention and will become depressed if left alone often.

#1 The Burmese

The Burmese is not only a beautiful cat, but one that has decidedly doggy-like qualities. It is great with kids and will play with them happily. The Burmese is also known to sit and wait for food in the same manner that dogs do. Just make sure this kitty has a sitter if you are going away for a few days. The Burmese is extremely dependent on its owners.

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