Top Ten Reasons to Hug your Cat

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Hugging is Caring

Happy day! You either have decided to adopt a cat or kitten or already have a cutie at home. It’s important to realize that the more love you show, the more you will get in return. Not sure if you should eschew affection and leave cats to their mysterious ways? Here are ten reasons why you should stop thinking that nonsense a give your cat a hug.

#10 Hugs are Good For You!

Have you ever been sad until you got a hug? Physical contact alone raises spirits, and hugs release those good-feeling endorphins that help chase away the blues! So next time you’re feeling melancholy, pick up your cuddly cat and give them a gentle, loving squeeze. Who knows, you may be lifting their spirits, too!

#9 Cat Health Improves With Cuddling

Like you, the pet parent, cats can get a mood boost by receiving physical affection. This is especially important if you have only one cat, because cats understand their environment best through their highly developed sense of touch. If you are unsure about cat behavior, all you have to do is observe how they interact with each other in the wild, or indoors with you (and the furniture).

#8 Strengthen The Pet/Human Bond

When you first bring a new kitten or cat home, you may be armed with pamphlets on cat information and behavior. But that won’t help if your new addition feels unsecure in their new surroundings. Once they’re brave enough to come out from hiding, coax them gently with positive reinforcement and soft, loving hugs. Your cat will begin to feel right at home in no time.

#7 Unsure if You’re Ready to Adopt?

Maybe you’re not a pet parent, but besides casually looking up information on where to adopt a kitten, you’re just not sure yet. If you follow up leads on friendly cats, a good way to know if you’ve met your future pet is to snuggle them. A responsive cat will be receptive to your affection, which is important if you have a household with small children.

#6 Free Stress Therapy

Sometimes, your life can become so hectic it frazzles your nerves. If you just don’t have the time (or money) to fit a vacation or spa session into your busy schedule, hugging your cat will soothe those jangled nerves in no time.

#5 Good Kitty!

Cat behavior is alluring, mysterious and can be frustrating. Cats may be considered aloof, but in reality they’re very social creatures. The more attention and positive reinforcement you give them, the less likely they are to develop aggressive or destructive behavior. Lavishing your cat with hugs may just be the key to raising a well-behaved and relaxed kitty.

#4 Loving Reassurance

Cats are creatures of habit and don’t like disruptive changes in their immediate environment. From moving to a new location to making a new addition to your family, a cat may suddenly feel out of place or threatened. By reinforcing your bond with affectionate hugs, a cat will be much less likely to act out.

#3 Maximum Purr-fection

Scientific study (and natural curiosity) has led many people to try and discover the “why” of a cat’s purr. Imagine the surprise when it was discovered that the sonic frequency aids in reducing pain and accelerating healing! From sore muscles to mending bones, holding a purring cat close can actually help alleviate physical pain.

#2 Empty Nest Syndrome?

An adult cat is roughly the size of a human infant. So if your kids have gone off to college or no longer need babying you may find that your cat welcomes the extra attention and hugs.

#1 Celebrate June 4th All Year Long!

Of course National Hug Your Cat Day is a wonderful excuse to show your cat extra affection, but it’s best if you practice it year-round. And if you don’t have a cat, then now is your chance to consider adopting one. Cats make excellent cuddle buddies!

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