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7 Ways Cat Lovers Can Celebrate International Cat Day

By Rita Reimers


For cat owners, every day is “cat day.” Cat lovers know that cats run the household, and their felines never let them forget it.


But did you know there is a special day that’s earmarked as the day to celebrate the wonder and splendor of the feline species? Created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, August 8th is declared “International Cat Day,” a day for cat lovers to honor the love they have for the felines in their lives.


How will you celebrate this day that honors cats everywhere? Here are some ideas to make International Cat Day special for your cats, and maybe for some other cats, too.

Image: Evgeny_pm / Shutterstock

Adopt a Cat (or Two)

If you don’t already have a cat in your life, perhaps it’s time to consider adding the pitter-patter of four little feet to your household. There are many cats just waiting for someone to take them home and spoil them rotten.


In return, you will receive their undying loyalty and more love and kisses than you could possibly imagine. If you do already have a cat at home, maybe it’s time to get your cat a feline friend to play with, and of course, to curl up with for those long, cozy naps.

Image: Melissa Sue / Shutterstock

Get New Cat Toys and Cat Beds

How old are those toys that your cats toss around daily? And that cat bed has probably seen better days, too. International Cat Day might be the purrfect time to throw out some of those worn-out cat toys and cat beds in favor of some brand new ones.


Cat scratchers also need replacing often, as do soft catnip toys that tend to get slobbery. Your cat might also appreciate new cat trees to explore and perch on top of. And don’t forget to pick up some treats, too!

Image: marima / Shutterstock

Visit Your Vet

Taking cats to the veterinarian may not be high on the list of fun things to do for cat lovers, but if you want your cat to enjoy a very long and healthy life, that annual vet trip is a necessity.


Cats are masters at hiding illness and pain, so regular preventative care and vet visits can help to spot issues before they turn into something more serious. You’ll both feel better when your cat is given that clean bill of health.

Image: Stokkete / Shutterstock

Spend the Day With Your Cat

Your cat wants something precious from you that only you can give: your time and attention.


We all get busy, thinking we’ll give our cats love tomorrow, or we’ll sit down and play with them and brush them another day when we have more time. But before you know it, many days go by, and your cat may start to feel neglected.


Make it a special point to spend as much time as you can with your cat on International Cat Day, and from there, make a habit of spending quality time with him every single day.

Image: Carsten Reisinger / Shutterstock

Learn More About Cat Behavior

How much do you really know about the innate habits and behaviors of cats? Pick up a book about cat behavior, subscribe to a cat magazine or even seek out other cat lovers on Facebook.


You can even join a group of other cat owners, such as the Cat Lovers Clubhouse. The more you know about cats and their natural habits, the more you will understand and appreciate your own cat’s unique behaviors.

Image: Constantin Plugari / Shutterstock

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter or Rescue

If there is a cat shelter or rescue nearby, the cats there would love to get a visit from you. Volunteering your time and energy at the cat shelter will be most appreciated by the staff there, who are often so busy keeping things clean and sanitary that they have little time to actually play with the cats.


Bring some toys and give those kitties some playtime and some cuddles, so they will become happy cats who are ready to be someone’s forever cat. Who knows, you may even find a new cat love of your own.

Image: / Shutterstock


If you don’t have the time to physically volunteer at a rescue or shelter, the next best thing you can do is donate.


Of course, donations of money are the most needed, but donations of toys, food, blankets, bedding and just about anything else a cat may need are welcomed and appreciated. Most shelters and rescues have a list on their website of all the things they need the most.


However you decide to celebrate, make International Cat Day a yearly tradition for you and your cat-loving friends, and of course, for the star of the day, too: your cat!

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