10 Easy Tips to Make a Kitty Gift Basket


6. For the established cat that is partial to one type of food, focus on treats and playthings. Kitty gifts can include ceramic or stainless steel food and water bowls, a place mat, plush blanket, kitty nail trimmers, feathered toys, or a grooming brush. And don’t forget, the basket can do double duty as a sleeping basket.


7. You don’t even have to give a gift that’s specifically for the cat. Cat lovers love everything to do with cats. Take cat pajamas, for instance. They are almost always a hit. And if you know your friend very well, you can make it personal with jewelry (cuff links and bracelets, for example), or a lovely cat figurine.


8. And what if your friend prefers to not have a cat-themed house? Cat mugs, mouse pads, and stationary make for great office accessories. Cat greeting cards are lovely enough to be framed, too. So pairing a frame with a box of printed cards will give your friend an instant decorative piece for the office desk.


9. If you’re the arty type, something simple, sweet, and home-made may add that personal touch. You can print an image of your friend's cat and iron on the transfer onto a T-shirt; other ideas include a drawing, painting, photo, decoupage box, knitted blanket -- anything that utilizes your talent.


10. In the do-it-yourself spirit, you can strategically place a few cat cookbooks in the gift basket, as well. Your friend may be concerned with additives found in some store-bought food. This way, you'll give them natural recipes for treats and meals. Don't be afraid to try making a recipe or two, then place the bite-sized treats in a decorative treat jar -- perhaps one you have designed yourself with little paw prints or birds painted on.


Gift baskets aren’t the only way to go, of course; you can think outside of the basket. For example, cats love plants they can eat, and there are special grasses grown just for cats (but make sure to ask an expert first). And almost everyone appreciates a gift certificate. It can be a non-specific store gift card, or a specialized certificate for grooming or veterinary services. Whatever you decide, do remember that it’s the thought that counts.