10 Easy Tips to Make a Kitty Gift Basket

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Gifts for Cats and the People Who Love Them

Is choosing a gift for your cat-loving friend too difficult this holiday season? Avoid the long mall lines and make a kitty gift basket instead.

There is always an opportunity to indulge yourself in an act of love. Perhaps a friend has just got a kitten, or there’s a birthday or, as it just so happens, the season of giving is upon us. Whatever your reasons, don't let the vagaries of a busy day get you down; gift giving does not need to be complicated or time consuming. Here are a 10 easy tips to create and fill a gift that keeps on giving: a kitty gift basket.

1. Always a treat, a home-made gift basket is better than anything you could buy prepackaged. Your cat-loving friend will appreciate the effort and thought you put into it -- and the cat will love clawing the basket to pieces!

2. Keeping that in mind, you may want to choose a basket that is strong in form rather than in beauty. You know your friend. If you think the basket will be re-used to decorate the home, then by all means, spend a bushel on an extra fancy basket. But if your friend is not a decorating-with-baskets kind of person, choose a basket with the cat in mind. Make it something the cat can really dig its claws into -- the more texture the better -- or climb into for naps. Knowing the basket may be torn to pieces, you might want to visit your local thrift shop so that you can get the funnest basket for the best price.

3. Putting together a basket is easy. Use either shredded paper or crumpled, colorful tissue paper to line the basket, and cat-friendly, non-toxic paper so the cat can take part in tearing the gift open. Arrange the gifts inside the basket, plonk the basket on top of a swatch of cellophane, and then gather it all up to the top and secure with a ribbon. Easy, no?

4. You may also want to choose a theme for your basket. An entertainment basket can include books and movies about cats. Wanda Gag's 1928 Newbery Honor award-winning picture book, Millions of Cats, a wonderfully written and illustrated picture book. There are plenty of lovely portrait books as well, like Yaginuma and Martin's Zen Cats, in Japanese temples, shrines and gardens. If DVDs are more your type of entertainment, then the long running musical, Cats, and the 1978 family movie, Cat From Outer Space, purrfect.

5. If the gift basket is for a new cat, fill it with a selection of top quality foods and treats (holistic or otherwise) to start the cat out right in life.

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