Pet Cat Saves Pregnant Woman, Boyfriend From House Fire

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Updated: May 16, 2017
Published: January 19, 2010
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January 19, 2010

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend were awakened by their pet cat, a 13-year-old tabby named "Baby," early Monday morning when smoke started filling the room in their new Wonder Lake, Ill. home.

The couple were able to escape on their own with the cat and their pet dog by the time fire crews arrived.

According to Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Asst. Chief Mike Weber, the newly-rehabbed home was equipped with smoke detectors. He was unsure whether they activated because he did not hear them.

This goes to show you that it is best to keep both a dog and a cat in your home at all times. They make excellent backup smoke detectors.

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UPDATE: The AP reports that the cat, which is strictly an indoor pet, is missing.