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Meow Monday

If something that is soft, snugly, and lovingly purrs has been missing in your life, it's probably time to get yourself a cat. However, owning an animal is not like owning a pet rock. With a living creature you have responsibilities, and you’re making a big commitment, one that will possibly last for 15 to 20 years. To help out, here are the top five things you should think about before actually getting a purring ball of fur!

#5 Purebred? Think Adoption

If a moggy won’t do for you (you really want the Abyssinian you’ve had your heart set on since you were eight …), you still don’t have to buy a cat from a breeder. Did you know there are many rescue societies out there that rescue abandoned purebred cats? Well, there are. And it's a wonderful way to have your cake and eat it, too. People abandon pets for all manner of reasons, so check to see if the breed you want has a rescue society. There are also many no-kill shelters that receive abandoned purebreds, too. Often they have a waiting list, but if you want that cat and you want to save a cat from a life without a loving home, then get yourself on that list!

#4 Go All Dick Tracy …

If you can’t wait, and must have that cat now, then by all means, go to a breeder. But go to a good breeder. They are not all equal. Put on your sleuthing fedora and start investigating. A good breeder has nothing to hide and is usually registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association. So check them out and only give your money to the breeder who is ethical, respectful towards cats, and who deserves it.

#3 Cat vs. Kitten

Adoption is like walking into the candy store and picking out what you really want. One important thing to think about is whether to get a cat or a kitten. Sure, kittens are adorable. They melt even the iciest heart. However, all kitten grow into cats. And cats are deemed less adoptable than kittens, so think it over. A fully grown cat still has much love to give and has a full life ahead. More importantly, her personality is already developed, so you know what you’re getting. Do you really need the kitten, or are you able to give a grown kitty a loving home?

#2 Play Matchmaker, For Yourself

Not all cats are the same. Some are loud, some are quiet. Some are so dog-like they need constant attention, while others just want to be left alone. If you’re adopting, decide what fits in with your lifestyle the best and go for that cat. If you want a purebred but haven’t quite decided what type, read up on their personalities (try PetMD's Breedopedia) and go with the breed that fits you the best.

#1 Double Your Pleasure

When adopting a cat, think about whether you have room for one more. Even cats can get lonely. A friend is a perfect way to stave off that loneliness, especially if you work long, long hours. Of course, some cats do not want another cat in their domain, so if you’re thinking of adopting a buddy for your cat, we suggest becoming a cat foster parent to test the waters first.

This may just be the beginning, but it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Meow! It’s Monday.

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