Top 4 Reasons Cats Are the Best Winter Buddies

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 18, 2018
Published: February 01, 2010
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Oh, baby! It sure is cold outside. So much so that all you really want to do is stay inside. Where. It's. Warm. Well, so does your cat. In honor of the feline, we’ve compiled the top four reasons to be extra thankful of Kitty during the winter.

#4 Sleep Ins

On the very coldest winter days the last thing anyone wants to do is get up and cavort about outdoors, and cats are with you on this -- 100 percent! Oh, they may occasionally give you a swat so you’ll feed them breakfast, but after that you can go straight back to bed because sleep is also on Kitty’s mind. In fact, with the amount of sleeping a cat does (up to 20 hours a day!), you’ll feel positively productive when you're sleeping in.

#3 These Boots Are (NOT!) Made For Walking

Just try and suggest taking Fluffy for a walk and see what she says. We’re betting she’ll scurry off or simply ignore you. Cats just don’t like going for walks. So there’s no having to get up at three in the morning in the snow so she can have a tinkle. Cats take care of that themselves, indoors.

#2 Indoor Exhilaration

When it comes to exercising your cat during winter, you don’t have to don a heavy winter coat and face the great outdoors every day. All you have to do is wave a laser light around, or throw her some toy mice, and she’ll get her daily fill of exercise. Now, don't you wish you could get some exercise (and shed some pounds) just by following around a laser light?

#1 Purring Heat-O-Matic

The best part of having a furry feline is that even when it's cold outside and the heater isn't working, the cat will keep you warm just by curling up against you or on your lap. Some say they are just trying to steal a little of your body heat, but we cat fanciers know that they're doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. Well, and maybe because we feed them and are masters of their domain.

There you have it. The top four reasons cats are even better during the winter.