Top 10 Fantastic Feline Facts

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#5 Four-Legged Mood Rings

Cats are highly intuitive creatures, and they are more than able to pick up your mood, especially from your tone of voice. They know when you’re yelling at them (though they often don’t seem to care). If you need your cat to calm down, try speaking to her in a soothing, loving voice. You’ll be amazed.


#4 Lofty Beginnings

Ever wonder who invented the cat door? It was Sir Isaac Newton. Perhaps he was vexed by his cat wanting in and out all the time and disturbing his work, so he did something about it -- much to the relief of cat lovers everywhere.


#3 It’s All in the Fall

Cats really do land on their feet. In fact, they all fall in the same way. First they rotate their head, then twist their spine around, followed by a rear leg alignment and finally they relax into it and arch the back, thus lessening impact. But please, don’t experiment with this at home. Take our word for it.


#2 Baby Machines

Unless you want a "clowder" of cats cluttering your home, spay and neuter your furry feline. Just one pair of cats and their kittens can produce 420,000 (!) offspring in a mere seven years.


#1 Individuality

Like human fingerprints, cats have their own built in unique tag of telling them apart -- their nose! The nose pads of cats are all uniquely ridged, meaning no two are the same.


So there you go, now you know more about your cat!


Image: Stephan Tell / via Flickr