Meet Matilda: Queen Cat of the Algonquin Hotel

PetMD Editorial
Updated: May 16, 2017
Published: June 15, 2009
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Meow Monday

If you’re going to be the ruling feline of an establishment, then the luxurious surrounds of New York City’s famous Algonquin Hotel seem a fitting place for any discerning cat.

In fact, the Algonquin has had a resident feline dating back to the '30s, when a bedraggled cat wandered in seeking shelter. Dubbed Hamlet by the legendary actor John Barrymore, the cat landed in the lap of luxury and drank his water from a crystal champagne glass!

Ever since then, boy cats are called Hamlet, the girls are Matilda. The reigning Matilda is a true superstar. This award-winning (crowned the 2006 "Cat of the Year" at the Westchester Cat Show!) and famous 11-year-old Ragdoll has an assistant to answer her emails, her own chaise longue in the lobby, a 24-karat gold pendant in her image and stars in her very own children’s book.

Being a superstar is such hard work.

Matilda has a big birthday bash every year, where stars and friends (of the two-legged and the four-legged kind) come together to celebrate her life. Like any good diva, she likes to arrive and leave in style -- on her seventh birthday she lept upon her cake and then turned tail and left, leaving a delicious trail of paw prints behind her.

If you’re in New York, drop on by the luxurious Algonquin and say hello to Matilda. And Matilda, you get on with your haute self!