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Why Cats Make Men Sexy

Let’s face it, owning a pet makes men much more attractive in a girl’s eyes. And a guy owning a cat? What's not to love? Here are the top four reasons why (because top five lists are so passé) ...

#4 Responsibility

Owning a cat means you have a sense of responsibility. Cats can live for up to 20 years, so you’re not simply plunging a fish in a bowl, you’re making a commitment to a complex creature -- one that you have to feed, clean up after, and also play with. Women appreciate a man that not only commits to something, but shows a sense of responsibility to another creature. It’s sexy!

#3 Independence

Own a cat and we know you’re a man who understands the spirit of independence. You’re not the clingy type and we like that. A cat is the ultimate creature of independence. They don’t have to be with you, they choose to be with you. And it says a lot when a cat decides to devote themselves to you. It pretty much says, "We want to get to know you much better, young man."

#2 Personality

Cats most definitely have personality in abundance. They can be ornery, then loving, then aloof, then suddenly the most affectionate creature in the world (the cynics amongst us may view the latter as a "feed me now' move…). And boy, do women love a man who can handle a creature with personality issues. It says to us you can handle challenges, it says to us you’re mature and flexible. It says, you’re ready for some lovin'.

#1 Love

Now, we’re not saying that when a woman meets a man they're already picking out the china pattern (girls like to save that for, oh, at least the second or third date …), but seeing a guy with their pet cat (you score extra points if the cat is a rescue or a shelter adoptee) fills any girl's heart with hope.

Why? Because a man who can, well, man up and show us he loves something other than beer, baseball, and his mother, is a man who’s willing to be vulnerable. He’s mature enough, open enough, balanced enough to make good boyfriend material. And that’s very manly indeed.

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