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January 11, 2010
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The Devon Rex may sound like a fancy and somewhat racy English afternoon tea, or perhaps a famous dog star (of stage and screen, obviously), but it isn’t. The Devon Rex is a rare breed of cat. Want to learn more about the breed? Here a few facts about this mysterious creature.

Tea and Crumpets?

While the Devon Rex is not a tea drinker (though crumpets -- or anything else -- will most definitely be on the menu if she can nab one while you’re not looking), she does hail from England. From Devonshire to be exact, hence the name. "Rex," meanwhile, has nothing to do with the name of the very first owner (that was one Miss Cox), but comes from its unique coat, which is made of silky curls.

Family Tree

In 1959, the mysterious Miss Beryl Cox was thrilled when a stray she was looking after gave birth to a rather strange kitten. Curly of hair with a small, elfin face and large round eyes and pointed ears, the very first Devon Rex came into being. His name, not surprisingly, was Kirlee.

Fur Coats and Diamonds

We suspect someone, somewhere, has festooned their beloved Devon Rex with a diamond collar, but there's little reason to cover up such a unique fur coat. The coat, which is made of loose curls and waves, is much thinner than other cat coats. In fact, the thickness of the coat varies not only seasonally, but in different areas on the cat. For instance, the fur in some parts of the cat's body is nothing more than a light, "suede" covering, leaving kitty almost bare. Risque!

Indoor Only

Because of their lighter, less-insulating coats, the Devon Rex should be a strictly indoor cat. This is good because it gives the cat the perfect excuse to lounge about in front of heaters or in choice spots of sun. It will even seek out warmer areas, including your lap and under the covers, just to stay extra toasty.

Action Jackson

Don’t be fooled by sleepy-time. The Devon is actually very active and inquisitive. She’s also practically an Olympic-level jumper, so be wary of hiding spots that are high up – some Devon Rex cats have been found perching atop doors. Oh, and did we forget to mention that the Devon is a "pro-people" cat? Well, it is and it absolutely loves your company. In fact, the Devon will follow you everywhere, often sitting on your shoulder.

Wash and Wear

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cat, the Devon Rex may just be for you. It doesn't require daily brushing or weekly baths, a.k.a. the perfect addition to the busy family.

Are you convinced yet? Aren't Devon Rex cats the best?

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