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Meow Monday

Mysterious, sleek and usually a delicious chocolate brown … ah, the Burmese; a cat, fit for the kings … or wait, is that the gods?

1. It’s All About The Looks, Baby

This is one good-looking cat. Sort of like the Angelina Jolie of the cat world. Sleek, sexy, and probably the envy of many a feline out there.

The Burmese was originally a sable brown cat. While she still has her famous silky, shiny tresses, she can now be found in a number of other hues (without the use of dyes or wigs).

Traditionally, the Burmese possessed very green eyes. But due to some sneaky crossbreeding with the Siamese, you can now find blue-eyed Burmese roaming the lands.

2. Pads Thai?

Yes, the Burmese (along with her toe pads) is originally Thai. In fact, their name in Thai means "beautiful, fortunate and of splendid appearance." Personally, we doubt you’ll find one Burmese cat willing to contradict this.

A Thai temple cat living the high life was nabbed (hang on, is this the origin of the word catnapped?) by the invading Burmese army and whisked off to Burma in the 18th Century.

3. Heavy Weight Champs

A sleek, slight, light and athletic looking cat ... Remember when they told you that looks could be deceiving? Well, they were right. Mosey on up to a Burmese and pick her up. You’ll be surprised by how heavy she is for her size and girth.

Often called a brick wrapped in silk, the Burmese is a lean machine of hard muscle packaged in the body of a light weight. Tricky, eh?

4. Lovin’ Their Peeps

Burmese are notoriously known as dog-like cats, if you can call that notorious.

They are very people oriented, following their owners about, needing attention, waiting at the door for you to get home, and you to just play with them.

They’ve even been known to play fetch! But no letting them outdoors. They’re way too trusting, and have almost no survival skills. This is what comes from livin’ the high life, you know.

5. Curiosity and the Cat

While curious like all cats, the Burmese likes to take it one step further.

They want to be in everything. They’re ready for their new job as Cat Detective on TV (they’re probably pitching the idea as we speak). Super friendly, super inquisitive, this is one cool cat.

A Burmese will even comfort you when you’re sick (who needs a boyfriend?) and they love to perch on your shoulder, all the better to observe and investigate the world from.

Meow! It’s Monday.

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