5 Fun Facts About the Word's Smartest Cat

PetMD Editorial
Updated: May 16, 2017
Published: June 08, 2009
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Meow Monday

We know cats are smart, but one cat heads the tippy-top of the list, and that’s the Abyssinian. Smart, good looking, furry. What more could you need to know? A few things, actually…

1. Origins Unknown?

This lovely breed is thought to be thousands of years old. While it’s believed she came from Ancient Egypt (where they quite rightly revered the feline), others say she came from Libya, and a few even talk about North Africa.

2. Your New Best Friend.

The Abyssinian, should you choose to get one, will be your new best friend. Loyal, loving and looking for companionship, this cat most likely won’t sit in your lap, but will always be there for you. She’ll understand you and your mood and comfort you with her purr and sweet face. Now, if only the Abyssinian can be trained to fetch the ice cream…

3. Smarty Pants.

Often recognized as the world’s smartest kitty, she doesn’t rest on her laurels. The Abyssinian loves to explore the world around her, as well as play, climb and get a general understanding of the layout of the land. But she doesn’t take risks. She’s also very extroverted at home, and very willful.

4. Brains do Not a Showgirl Make.

Abyssinians, while smart and pretty, don’t tend to make good show cats, because they get rather shy around strangers of both the human and feline kind. But give them some quantum physics problem to solve and they’ll probably be entertained for hours. Let's just hope they don't ever think beauty pageants are beneath them.

5. The First Lady, Zula.

Zula, believed to be the first Abyssinian to bear the name of the breed, did not come from Libya or Egypt. She came from Ethiopia, then called Abyssinia, with the British soldiers after the Abyssinian war. Around 1872, she won third place in a British cat show. Not bad for the first official cat of her kind!

So there you have it, five fun facts about the world’s smartest cat.

Meow! It’s Monday.