5 Movies to Watch With Your Cat

PetMD Editorial
Updated: February 11, 2021
Published: August 17, 2009
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If you’re looking for something to do with your cat on a rainy day, or a clear day, for that matter, why not plan for some real together time? Settle in on the couch with your favorite snacks (here's a snack idea for Mr. or Ms. Cat), a soft blankie, and a fun movie on the telly. Of course, cats are very discerning creatures and won’t settle for any old film. No, it must be classy and hip, as well as feature lots of movement and, above all, other cool cats.

We have gathered our top five fave movies that feature cats in a lead or plot turning role. While some are animated, don't assume the scripts are childish. Remember—we're going for classy!

#1 A Cat in Paris

This gorgeous movie about a cat who leads two lives was nominated for Best Animated Feature of 2012 by the Academy for a reason. It is, to put it mildly, spectaculatr in every way. A Parisian cat who by day is a mild mannered house cat, and by night, a burgler's sidekick. It has beauty—hand drawn, not computer animated, by the way—it has suspense, danger, comedy, love... what more do you want? 

#2 Alice in Wonderland

Featuring the surreal Cheshire Cat, or course. There have been so many versions of this story that you could spend a whole evening binging on nothing but Alice in Wonderland films. Ready a big pot of tea and a plate of biscuits (that's cookies for us in the States), put on your silliest hat, and settle in for a night of dreamy adventure. Check here for a great list of Alice adaptations to choose from. 

#3 Batman Returns

After a clowder of cats give their nine lives to bring a woman back from the dead, she uses her new life to transform herself into a catwoman and make herself into pretty much the most awesome super-villainess known to man. Not content to be the cute little kitten, she, Catwoman takes the reigns as a shiny, black, powerful, and full grown sexy cat. Also, there's the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing it, so if you happen to like powerful women in tight black leather, well then, it might not much matter whether your cat is digging the action or not. Yes, we know the lovely Halle Berry (herself a cat lover) played catwoman in the movie that bore her character's name, Catwoman, but we loved Michelle's go at it, too.

#4 Milo and Otis

This heart warming story of an orange tabby cat named Milo and his best friend, a fawn pug dog named Otis is a rainy day winner. Curious Milo likes to check out new things, and Otis, being a good friend, follows along, eventually catching up to his friend and embarking on a grand adventure with Milo. They find love, raise a family, and true -besties that they are, help each other out along the way. This is one great, big, warm, fluff of a movie, especially for cats who like dogs. And for cats who are not so fond of dogs? This may convince your cool feline that dogs have feelings, too.

#5 Disney's The Aristocats

This is every feline’s favorite film. It has everything from cool street cats to hip cats to fancy cats to fluffy little kittens. It also has the world’s best song about cats, Everybody Wants to Be a Cat. We guarantee it will be your cat’s favorite song, if it isn't already. Ask any cat and she’ll tell you that every word in the song is true.

So there you have it. Get out the bowls—one to hold sardines and one to hold popcorn—and a snuggly blanket and get comfy. It's movie time!