Top cat named Shadow!

Top cat named Shadow!
Submitted by: kummeldar

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Shadow

  • 1. A cat that follows everywhere
  • 2. Shadow is my beloved pet cat , who is adorable ,sneaky , cute and playful
  • 3. Hes my shadow sadly he died he was to young toBe away from his mom
  • 4. He is an avid hunter...he stays in the dark.
  • 5. He was all ways Hiding in the Shadows,waiting to get me!!!!!!!!
  • 6. When he was a Kitten,he all ways was hiding in the Shadows, ready to Attack me!!!!!!!
  • 7. Shadow, my Russian blue, was abandoned when he was a baby. We found him and named him Shadow because he looked all grayish but he was a Russian.

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