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5 Reasons Your Cat is Peeing on the Bed

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Your Cat Doesn't Like the Type of Litter Box You Have


Time to give the feline facilities another look.


"Maybe it’s got a cover that traps odors or constricts her movement so she can’t get into a comfortable position to eliminate without pressing part of her body against the inside of the cover, something many cats dislike," Garber says.


Or it could be a medical issue combined with an ill-fitted cat litter box. Garber says that if your cat has arthritis, perhaps the box's sides are too high, making it difficult to get in and out of.


Your Cat Doesn't Like the Cat Litter


You're probably a fan of one type or brand of cat litter and turn up your nose at other brands. Some cats are the same way, particularly if your little guy thinks the litter isn't soft enough, Garber says.


"If the cat has been declawed, stepping into and digging in cat litter might be painful, so she will seek out a softer substrate."


Garber suggests setting up a cat litter test: Put two cat litter boxes next to each other, one filled with a soft type, Brand A, and the other with a rougher type, Brand B. Whichever litter your cat clearly ends up preferring is your new cat litter. And if you have multiple cats who each prefer different types? Then you can make sure they are each happy with their own boxes and their own litter.


Just make sure the cat litter is truly absorbent. Garber says that the practice of a cat burying his or her urine or feces is because they're hard-wired to hide the scent so that a predator can’t track them.


"This instinct is very strong, as the cat's survival depends on it," Garber says.


There's Been a Major Change In the Household


Do you have a new baby? Maybe a new dog or a new cat? Maybe you have a new job that's keeping you away from the house far more than normal or for different hours than your cat has been accustomed to.


"Cats thrive in an environment that is predictable and controllable," Garber says. "Changes in a cat's household, even those that seem minor and insignificant to us, can trigger house soiling behavior."