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Rat Poisoning in Cats

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Treatment and Care


If bromethalin toxicosis occurs, your cat's digestive tract will need to be decontaminated as soon as possible. This may initially be done by induced vomiting, followed by administering activated charcoal to neutralize any remaining poison, and an osmotic cathartic to induce your cat's bowels to empty. This should be done every four to eight hours for at least two days following the poisoning, or as prescribed by your veterinarian. Some medications that can be used to control symptoms such as muscle tremors and seizures are also available.


Living and Management


Bromethalin toxicosis can cause prolonged appetite loss (anorexia). If your cat is experiencing this symptom you will need to administer feeding supplements for a time after initial treatment. It may take several weeks to recover from mild poisoning, and symptoms should be monitored accordingly to avoid further complications.




To prevent bromethalin toxicosis, ensure that your cat does not have access to rodent poisons. If you are using rat poison in a home with cats, you will want to avoid secondary poisoning resulting from your cat ingesting a rat that has been poisoned. You will also need to be watchful for dead rodents so that you can properly dispose of them before your cat can get to them. Also important is to be attentive over your cat. If your cat does catch a rat, and you have been putting poison out, you will need to get the rodent away from your cat before it has ingested a damaging amount of the poison.



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