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Poisoning by Petroleum Products in Cats

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Your veterinarian will give your cat activated charcoal to decontaminate and neutralize the toxin. If your cat  ingested the petroleum products recently, a stomach lavage (wash) will also be performed. Causing the cat to vomit is usually not wise under these circumstances, as the cat may contract aspiration pneumonia, a potential and very serious side effect of vomiting.


In all cases of uncomplicated petroleum hydrocarbon ingestion (i.e., not contaminated with some other, more toxic substance), the primary goal is to minimize the risk of aspiration into the cat's lungs. Your veterinarian may give your cat oxygen therapy, depending on the health of its lungs when it arrives at the veterinary hospital. If your cat had petroleum hydrocarbons on its skin or fur, it will be bathed at the hospital, and possibly given topical antibiotics to prevent infection of the skin due to irritation.


Living and Management


Keep all petroleum products and petroleum-based products out of your cat's reach, preferably in a locked or childproof cabinet, to prevent accidental poisoning. If your cat shows any signs of respiratory distress at home after it is released from the hospital, such as an increased breathing rate, panting, coughing, etc., call your veterinarian immediately and take your cat to a veterinary hospital for emergency treatment.



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