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Bacterial Infection (B. bronchiseptica) in Cats



Cats with Bordetellosis should be allowed to rest comfortable in a quiet place, away from other pets and active children, for at least two to three weeks or until their lungs appear normal in X-Rays -- especially those that have developed pneumonia. In addition, antimicrobial medication and fluid therapy will be administered.


Living and Management


Cats with uncomplicated infections should begin to recover within two weeks. If the cat does not improve, contact your veterinarian to reevaluate your pet. Cats with severe infections, on the other hand, may require regular follow-up examinations to assess its lungs. 


In addition, cats with bordetellosis may shed the bacteria for at least 19 weeks after initial infection, so be sure to isolate your animal from other cats.




The best way to prevent this type of infection is to vaccinate your cat against Bordetella.



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