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Inability to Protrude or Retract Penis in Cats



In some instances surgery can help enlarge the opening of the sheath (orifice), making it possible for the penis to protrude. Also, veterinarians can remove tissue surrounding the penile area to allow for a normal, functioning penis.


Immediate treatment is necessary for cat that are unable to retract its penis into the sheath, as damage to the tissues can occur. Techniques to repair or aid in this medical condition can include removing any foreign objects that are present, lubricating the penile area for retraction, surgical enhancement of the orifice area if it is too small, and catheters if the cat is unable to urinate. At times, ointments and topical medications are prescribed to correct phimosis.


Living and Management


With treatment, both conditions have a positive prognosis. However, cats that are unable to retract their penis into the shaft need immediate medical attention, as there are several complications that can occur if the penis is left outside of the body for extended periods of time.




There are currently no known preventative methods for either medical condition.



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