Loss of Balance (Unbalanced Gait) in Cats

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Patients may usually be treated on an outpatient basis unless the ataxia is severe or the cause of the ataxia is of a life threatening nature. Avoid giving any drugs to your cat without first consulting with your veterinarian, as many drugs can either contribute to the problem or disguise the underlying condition that is causing it. Treatment will be based on the underlying cause of the disease.


Living and Management


Decrease or restrict your cat's movement if your veterinarian suspects spinal cord disease. Even without a diagnosis of spinal cord disease, you may want to consider cage rest if you cannot restrict your cat's movements. This may be of particular importance in regards to cats that are climbers, as they may fall and injure themselves further. Be sure to monitor your cat's gait for increasing dysfunction or weakness; if it worsens, contact your veterinarian immediately. 



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