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Arthritis of Multiple Joints in Cats



Physical therapy, including range-of-motion exercises and massage can help treat severe disease. If your cat is having a lot of difficulty walking, bandages and/or splints may be put around the joint to prevent it from further degrading. Weight loss can also help to decrease pressure on the joints if your cat is overweight. If your cat is on antibiotics your veterinarian will attempt to rule out a reaction to the antibiotics.


Surgery is only recommended to remove infection if your cat has a concurrent infection when diagnosed with the nonerosive polyarthritis.


Living and Management


Your veterinarian will schedule frequent follow-up appointments with your cat, but if its condition worsens, contact your veterinarian immediately. Remission is usually achieved in 2-16 weeks, but the recurrence rate jumps to 30-50 percent when therapy is discontinued.



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