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Parasitic Stomach Worm (Ollulanis) Infection Cats



Drugs to kill parasites residing in the stomach may be used, but often, complete removal is not achieved on the initial treatment. Symptoms may improve after the first treatment. You will need to revisit your veterinarian to retest for the presence of the stomach worm.


Living and Management


Watch your cat for vomiting or other symptoms which might show recurrence and call your veterinarian to schedule a second round of treatment. If your cat is vomiting, immediately remove the vomit contents, using strong cleaners to clean the area. Keep a sample of the vomit, if possible, to give to your veterinarian. The stomach worm can live for up to 12 days in the vomit content, so it is not necessary to do anything special with the saved contents immediately. If there are other cats in the home, do not allow them to go near the vomit contents.



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