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Ear Mites in Cats

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Patients can be treated on an outpatient basis with medication designed to eradicate the mites. As this infection is very contagious, all animals in the same household should be treated and the environment cleaned very thoroughly. Mites do not survive long away from the animal's body, so a thorough house cleaning should be enough.


Your cat's ears will need to be thoroughly cleaned. A commercial ear cleaner that is designed specifically for cats can be used to gently clean out any debris before beginning topical treatment on the ears. Ear mite parasiticides should be used for 7–10 days to eradicate mites and eggs, and flea treatments should be applied to the cat for elimination of ectopic mites. Because cats sleep with their tails curled up close to their heads, be sure to clean the tail thoroughly as well.


Living and Management


The prognosis is good for most patients. One month after therapy begins, your veterinarian will schedule a follow-up appointment to swab your cat's ears and to perform a basic physical exam.



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