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Hookworms in Cats

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To get rid of the worms, a deworming medication will be given to your cat to kill the worms or to expel them. Sometimes that is all that will be required. However, nutritional and iron supplements may also be necessary. With kittens, treatment should begin at three to four weeks of age and treated monthly thereafter.



With pregnant females, treatment should begin two weeks after breeding and continue until two to four weeks after the kittens are born to get rid of possible worms in the intestine, and to protect the kittens.


In severe cases, the cat (or kitten) will need to be hospitalized for fluid therapy, blood transfusion, and supplemental oxygen, depending on the severity of the anemia and the condition of the cat. Be aware, there is a possibility of sudden death even with treatment.




The environment where your cats sleep and relieve themselves must be kept clean. Pay particular attention to the accumulation of water in containers, low-lying areas, and even ponds. If you observe any of the above symptoms in your cat, take a sample of fecal matter to your veterinarian so that infection can be confirmed or ruled out quickly.


There are no inoculations for this parasitic infestation, so the only way you can protect your cat is by being observant and acting quickly. Although hookworm cases are rare in humans, the parasites can penetrate human skin, so care must be taken while treating your affected cat.

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