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Weak Immune System due to Hereditary Disorder in Cats



Unfortunately, no cure is available for congenital problems with the immune system. In cases of severe disease, hospitalization may be required to stabilize your cat. In the case of mild problems, your cat can be taken home after therapy.


Prevention of infection is the key factor for keeping your cat healthy, and good management practices are required to prevent exposure to infections. In cases of infection, your veterinarian will give an antibiotic cover to treat infection; it may take a few days to a few weeks for a complete resolution of infections. Delay in recovery is due to poor immune system support in treating infections, and prolonged antibiotic cover is usually required.


Living and Management


Prognosis largely depends upon the nature and extent of the problem. However, the animal cannot be complete “cured.” You should discuss the issue of hereditary diseases with your cat’s veterinarian and how these should be prevented in future litters.


In some cats, complete rest may be advised to prevent further complications. Diet is another important factor to meet for your cat’s daily nutritional requirements. Exposure to infection should be minimized in those animals prone to infections due to some hereditary problem.