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Degeneration of the Image Forming Part of the Eye in Cats



There is no cure for retinal degeneration. Since diet can be a cause of retinal degeneration, making sure that your cat is receiving 500-750 ppm of taurine in their diet may improve the degeneration which has already occurred. If your cat's eyes are blind and non-painful, surgery will not be indicated. There are no medications that can reverse retinal degeneration.


Living and Management


Cats that have become blind as a result of suffering from retinal degeneration are generally not in pain, so they can continue to lead healthy, full lives once they have learned to compensate for the loss by sharpening their other senses.


If your cat is blind in both eyes, be sure to keep your cat indoors at all times so that it is not at risk of being injured or attacked. Your veterinarian will exam your cat's eyes for further retinal degeneration and for possible developing cataracts, glaucoma or uveitis at follow-up appointments.


Do not breed your cat if it has been diagnosed with retinal degeneration, as the disease is usually genetically transmitted. To prevent retinal degeneration caused by diet inadequacies be sure to feed your cat a diet that includes 500-750 ppm of taurine.



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