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Abnormal Eyelid in Cats

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If the condition is mild and the corneas are not ulcerated, artificial tears can be used to lubricate the eyes. Ulcerated corneas can be treated with antibiotic or triple antibiotic ointments. Surgery is often required.


This is done by temporarily turning the eyelid inward or outward (everting) through suturing. This surgery is done in moderate cases, and when an adult cat with no history of the condition exhibits entropion.


In severe cases facial reconstruction is necessary, but generally avoided until the cat reaches adult size.


Living and Management


Entropion requires routine follow-up care, with any medications prescribed by your veterinarian. They may include antibiotics to treat or prevent infection, and eye drops or ointment. In the case of temporary non-surgical solutions, there may be a need to repeat the procedure until the problem has resolved, or until your cat is old enough for a more permanent solution. If your cat is suffering from pain, itching or other irritation of the eye, you will need to us an Elizabethan collar to prevent the cat from scratching at its eyes and making the problem worse.




As entropion is usually caused by a genetic predisposition, it cannot really be prevented. If your cat is of a breed that is known to be affected by entropion, you will need to seek prompt medical treatment as soon as you have noticed a complication.

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