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Deafness in Cats



Unfortunately, congenital deafness is irreversible. But if the loss of hearing is caused by an inflammation of the outer, middle, or inner ear, medical or surgical approaches may be used to attempt a reversal of the deafness. These two methods, however, are dependent on the extent of an existing disease, results from bacterial cultures, sensitivity test results, and X-ray findings. Conduction problems, in which sound waves do not reach the nerves for hearing, may improve as inflammation of the outer or middle ear are resolved. In some cases hearing aids are an option; they have been used successfully with some animals.


Living and Management


Your cat's physical activity should be reduced to avoid any possible injuries. That is, a deaf animal cannot hear the approach of a car or another animal, so it will need to be limited from outdoor activities. Your cat's immediate indoor environment may also need to be controlled for its own safety and protection, and household members and guests will need to be cautious of alarming or unintentionally hurting the cat.


If your cat is diagnosed with an ear disease, your veterinarian may need to see your cat regularly for treatment, or until the condition is resolved.

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