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Intestinal Protein Loss in Cats



Treatment will depend on the underlying disease that is causing your cat to lose protein through its intestines. If your cat's protein level is dangerously low, it may need a transfusion to replace some of the blood protein.


Living and Management


In most cases there is no cure for protein loss through the intestines. Your veterinarian will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you manage your cat's symptoms, including a diet that will ensure that the best possible amount of nutrients are being absorbed by your cat's body. During follow-up visits, complete blood counts and biochemical profiles will be done to make sure that your cat's blood protein level is stable and not becoming dangerously low. Your veterinarian will also check your cat to make sure it is not having trouble with breathing and does not have fluid built up in its belly.


Encourage your cat to relax by giving it a quiet space in which to withdraw when the house is active, away from children and other pets.



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