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Fungal Infection (Histoplasmosis) in Cats



Veterinarians will usually treat this condition with medications on an outpatient basis. If inpatient treatment is recommended, it may be because your cat has been unable to eat and is suffering from malabsorption. If this is the case, your veterinarian will administer drugs, fluids, and nutrients intravenously until your cat's condition has improved.


Living and Management


After treatment, your cat's activity level should be reduced until it is fully recovered. Cage rest, or restriction to an enclosed environment will allow your cat to fully recuperate. If the condition does recur, a second course of treatment may be needed.




To prevent the development of histoplasmosis, you will need to try to prevent your cat from being exposed to possible sources of contamination, such as where birds, poultry, or bats might roost, or around soil that is known to have bird droppings in it.

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