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Electric Cord Bite Injury in Cats



If you are a witness to the electrocution, make sure the electricity is turned off before moving your cat. If your cat has lost consciousness, clear its airway as best as you can, and if necessary, provide breathing assistance and/or oxygen.


If your cat is suffering from decreased blood or platelet supply, it will need to be treated intravenously with special fluids (crystalloids or colloids). Fluid in the lungs can be treated with diuretics (furosemide). Therapy for an irregular heart rhythm may be necessary as well. Your doctor will perform various tests prior to releasing your cat into home care. Sufficient medical care can normally be performed within a day, but it may take longer if complications occur. In the case of burns, your veterinarian will consult with you on the best course of action.


Living And Management


If your cat has been injured, it will need to be closely monitored until its condition stabilizes. Your cat may not feel comfortable eating its regular food because of the pain associated with wounds in the mouth. Using soft foods, or liquefying foods for your cat to eat until the wounds have healed will ensure that your cat does not become malnourished. Your veterinarian can help you to make a diet plan until your cat can comfortably eat regular food again.


At home, monitor the burn wounds for signs of infection. Another possible complication of a mouth injury is the development of an opening between your cat's mouth and nose, which would require surgical repair.




The most important step in preventing electrical injury is to keep your pet away from electrical cords. Additionally, inspect all cords in your home and throw out any that are damaged, since even minimal contact with a bare wire can cause serious harm to your cat (making contact with the feet, nose, or tongue, for example). Using baby-proof measures in the home is one way that many pet owners find also works for protecting their pets against injury. Most hardware and full service department stores carry household child-protection tools.



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