Heart Failure, Congestive (Right-sided) in Cats

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Unless the condition is severe, your cat will most likely be treated on an outpatient basis. Some of the treatment options that are used to treat this condition include a restriction on activity and a reduction of sodium in the diet. In some cases, surgery will be required. If there is a build up of fluid in the abdomen or chest, a technique called tapping can be used to remove some of the excess fluid.


Living and Management


Following treatment, it is important to administer the full course of prescribed medication and observe any abnormalities in your cat's behavior. It will also be necessary to monitor your cat's kidney health. This disease is not curable, so ongoing management will be required.




Preventing right-sided congestive heart failure is dependent on the underlying cause of the disease. For example, if heartworms are causing the heart disease, you will need to ensure that your cat is taking heartworm medication regularly, and that you revisit your veterinarian for routine wellness checkups.

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