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Lizard Bite Poisoning in Cats



Treatment for Lizard Venom Toxicity


  • Open the jaws of the lizard if it’s still attached
  • If the cat’s blood pressure is dangerously low or if the heart rhythms are abnormal, intravenous (IV) drugs will be administered to treat the arrhythmia
  • Flush and soak the wound
  • If there are any remnants of the lizard’s teeth left behind in the skin, remove them
  • Control pain
  • Treat with prophylactic antibiotics


Living and Management of Lizard Venom Toxicity


The cat must be taken to a veterinarian if you suspect it has been bitten by one of these lizards. The veterinarian will then prescribe treatment and medications. Pay close attention to the wound and report any changes. Most importantly, if you live in an area where these lizards are likely to roam, keep your cat confined to avoid exposure.