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Tumor Related to Vaccinations in Cats



An effective treatment protocol is difficult, but radiation therapy before or after definitive surgery will substantially enhance your cat's survival. Prior to surgery, a contrast CT scan should also be done, because it has been found to result in a substantially longer time until recurrence of the sarcoma. Chemotherapy, meanwhile, has not been found to enhance survival with this form of cancer.


A contrast CT scan should be done prior to aggressive surgery, which will need to be arranged with a board-certified veterinary surgeon. This has


Radiation therapy before or after definitive surgery will substantially enhance your cat's survival.


Living and Management


Do not over-vaccinate your cat. Vaccinate for rabies, panleukopenia, herpes-1, and caliciviruses no more frequently than every three years. In addition, vaccination for FeLV is advised only for cats older than 16 weeks that are not restricted to a closed indoor environment that is free of FeLV. Consult your veterinarian, assess the risks of exposure to diseases, and compare them to the risks of vaccine-associated sarcoma formation.



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