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Nose Cancer (Chondrosarcoma) in Cats

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This is a highly aggressive and life-threatening tumor that will need prompt treatment in most cases. Because of the area being considered, surgery can be dangerous. Radiation therapy is usually the treatment of choice for nasal tumors. Radiotherapy may also help in prolonging the life spans in those cats for which tumors are inoperable. Chemotherapy is also recommended for some cats, but its long term effectiveness has not yet been evaluated for CSA in veterinary patients.


Living and Management


You may be advised to revisit your veterinarian every three months for follow-ups after the initial treatment. Your veterinarian will evaluate your cat to see if any metastasis has occurred during this time. Routine X-rays will be taken of the affected part, as well as other body areas, to check for recurrence or spread of the tumor. The decision to go forward with surgery or chemical therapy will be based on the actual prognosis at any given point during treatment. In some cases, end of life pain management may be in order.


Always seek advice and instructions from a veterinary oncologist before giving chemotherapy medications, as these drugs are highly toxic to human health. Pregnant women in particular should take extra care while administering chemotherapeutic drugs to their pets. Chemotherapy medications have the possibility of toxic side effects, so your veterinarian will need to closely monitor your cat's stability, changing dosage amounts as necessary.



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