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Jessica Vogelsang, DVM
Apr 28, 2016

By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM Perhaps you’ve stared deeply into your cat’s eyes and said to yourself, “If only I knew what you were thinking.” Fortunately for pet owners, animal behaviorists have dedicated years ofresearch to understanding how cats communicate and have… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Apr 14, 2016

By Samantha Drake Trying to understand a cat’s behavior can be downright maddening. Oftentimes, feline actions are dictated by stress and fear but fortunately, one cat behavior in particular usually comes from a good, friendly place. When your cat rubs up against your legs… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Apr 08, 2016

By Katherine Tolford After a long day at work you may come home to find your cat greets you with a strong head bunt on your knee, face, leg, or any available part of your body. While it may seem like just a playful form of interaction it’s actually a significant gesture… Read More

Feb 23, 2016

By Helen Anne Travis Has Kitty been acting strange lately? Maybe she’s scratching or biting more than usual, or hiding when you call her name? Don’t take it personally. Any number of factors, from a big move to an underlying health condition, can bring about changes in your… Read More

Sep 30, 2015

By Rachel Semigran Despite cats’ reputations for being, shall we say, “selective” when it comes to their taste inhuman companionship, any cat parent will tell you that cats are incredibly social—both when you want them to be and when you don’t want them to be. Though feline… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Aug 19, 2015

Can Cats and Dogs Happily Coexist in the Same Home? Can dogs and cats live together? Do cats and dogs even get along? It seems like a silly question to anyone with friendly canine and feline residents, but the uniformed may have a tough time seeing any real world scenario… Read More