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Feb 19, 2014

By Cheryl Lock Since Penny was my first cat I can easily say – I had absolutely no idea how crazy cats can be at night. Given the fact that most of what I heard from people who owned cats in the past was about how much they slept and the types of games they liked to play, I… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Jul 12, 2013

Does My Cat Have a Behavior Issue or Something More? By Jessica Remitz While most cat owners are tuned in to the little details and quirks of their cat’s personality — like their ability to open a door or proclivity for attacking feet at night — it can be difficult to… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Mar 07, 2013

Siamese cat admirers may see a very different side to this cat than their owners do — a shy, aloof attitude. This often leaves the Siamese cat owner pleading to their guest, “She’s so friendly! I don’t know why she’s acting this way.” But don’t be fooled. Most Siamese cats… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Dec 14, 2011

by Yahaira Cespedes Cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day, and some can sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four hour period. Which raises the question: Why do cats sleep so much? The 'Catnap' The first thing you should realize is that cats are most active… Read More