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PetMD Editorial
Nov 24, 2008

If scratch marks on your furniture isn't your idea of an appealing décor choice, then you should consider trimming your cat's nails regularly. Taking kitty to the groomer for regular nail clippings maybe the glamorous option, but it can also be expensive. If you’… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Nov 13, 2008

If you have a cat, then you’ll know a cat’s grooming habits put even the most glamorous Hollywood star to shame. Skip grooming school and learn how to properly groom your cat from us. Cats spend a good deal of their waking hours grooming themselves. Of course, even with… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 18, 2008

Does your cat have enough earwax to contribute to Madame Tussauds museum? Have no fear. Here are some tips to clean those funky, smelly ears. While we're not going to suggest you make cleaning kitty’s ears part of a weekly grooming routine (we're not that cruel),… Read More