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Mar 19, 2020

Reviewed on March 19, 2020, by Dr. Jennifer Grota, DVM Did you know that certain plants and flowers can actually be dangerous for your cat? “While any plant material can cause mild stomach upset, some plants are much more dangerous,” says Tina Wismer, medical director at… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Dec 02, 2019

Reviewed and updated for accuracy on December 2, 2019, by Dr. Mallory Kanwal, DVM You may be well aware that your cat’s breath sometimes smells like cat food, but are you really familiar with what’s going on with their teeth? The inside of a cat’s mouth is a mystery to… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Nov 18, 2019

Reviewed for accuracy on November 18, 2019, by Dr. Liz Bales, VMD With good care—and good luck—our cats can live well into their late teens, and even their twenties. But as cats age, their physical and behavioral needs change. While these changes are obvious as your kitten… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 30, 2019

Reviewed for accuracy on September 30, 2019, by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM When a child finally turns 18 years old, they are generally considered to be an adult. But what about our feline family members? At what age are cats fully grown? How do you know when to start feeding… Read More

Laci Schaible, DVM, MSL, CVJ
Sep 17, 2019

That sneezing, wheezing, congested, itchy eye, must-escape-this-room-because-I-can’t-breathe-around-this-cat feeling can ruin even the best of days—especially if you are a cat lover. But now, you might be able to avoid the allergies altogether, instead of avoiding the… Read More

Jennifer Coates, DVM
Sep 09, 2019

CBD has taken the pet world by storm; however, scientific research on the impacts of CBD on dogs and cats is still in its infancy—especially for cats. Let’s look at what cat parents should consider before giving their cats CBD oil or CBD cat treats. What Is CBD? CBD stands… Read More