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Introducing New Kitten to Home

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Best Way to Introduce a New Kitten Your life with your new kitten begins on the ride home. First, cats should always be transported in some kind of pet carrier in the car. By teaching your kitten to ride in a confined location, you are...


How to Find a Lost Cat

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Your cat has vanished from inside the house. He either got outside when you opened the door and you weren't quick enough to catch him, or he pried open a screen or found an exit and is now outside. If you were fortunate enough to watch him...


How to Build Cat Shelves

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By Cheryl Lock There is nothing in the world a cat loves more than exploring, climbing and checking things out. That’s why cat shelves make the ultimate exploratory toy to keep your furry feline friend busy for hours. Of...


Construct a Cat Playroom

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by YahairaCespedes Building a Cat Playground Many pet parents know that if left unattended, cats can wreak havoc on a house or apartment. From sharpening their claws on the furniture to shredding your beloved plants, a bored cat...


Kitten Proofing Your Home

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[video:wistia|z7xfgeqbou|true] By Yahaira Cespedes Perhaps you have given a lot of thought into bringing a new kitten home, or perhaps a sweet, loving feline chose you. Either way, the day you decide to bring your new four-legged...


Litter Boxes and How to Live With Them

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It’s been about ten years since I have had to live with a litter box; plenty of time to have conveniently forgotten how annoying and repulsive they’re wont to be. I kind of liken it to the same sort of magical thinking that so frequently...


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Cornish Rex

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The Cornish Rex is a strikingly unusual cat, which looks like somewhat of a mix between the Egyptian statues of Bastet (the ancient solar and war goddess) and an alien from another...