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Kitten Care 101: How to Socialize Kittens

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by Geoff Williams You wouldn't think that there would be much of a method, or even a reason, for socializing kittens. They're adorable. Everybody loves them. What more do you need to know? Quite a bit, actually. In fact,...


Cat Hairball Problems? Learn Why They Happen and How to Help

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By Jennifer Coates, DVM Hairballs are the bane of cat ownership. These clumps of hair bond together in the stomach and then are vomited up in our shoes, carpets and floors. But are cat hairballs normal, and is there any way to prevent...


Photos: Determining the Sex of a Cat

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What is My Kitten's Gender? Determining the sex of a cat can be difficult at times, especially if there is no other cat (or kitten) with which to compare the anatomy. So how can you tell if you have a Merlin or a Misty, a Rex or a...


The Special Nutritional Needs of Kittens

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Did you know that in the United States the average feline family has 2.2 cats? It can be awfully tempting to feed all of the cats in your house the same thing, but kittens, adult cats, and mature cats all have different nutritional needs that...


10 Tips for New Cat Owners

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Important Things You Should Know Before Bringing a Cat Home Cats make great companions. Not only do they look good, they also keep mice away and have built-in motors. That's pretty cool. But there's more to owning...


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The Cornish Rex is a strikingly unusual cat, which looks like somewhat of a mix between the Egyptian statues of Bastet (the ancient solar and war goddess) and an alien from another...